Everybody loves baby hair! ARHGOAT Perfect Edge Control Set formula features Aloe, Olive & Natural Ingredients with a longer-lasting hold & high shining for easier hair styling and smooth edges.

Give your look the perfect edge. This long-lasting, maximum-hold edge control gel is rich with natural ingredients blended to help protect your edges from breakage and ensure they’ll never flake and always shine. Plus, it’s sweat and humidity-resistant, so your edges will last in any environment.

From 1A to 4C hair types, natural hair and wigs. Our innovative formulations are based on pain points and poor feedback from many customers, As a result, This is suitable for kids' hair gel and wonderful braiding gel.

Hair Building Fiber

What is ARHGOAT made of?

ARHGOAT Hair Building Fibers are made of Keratin protein - the same thing that makes up human hair. The Keratin protein comes from a natural wool source, the closest match to human hair. Learn more about how ARHGOAT Hair Building Fibers work and why ours stand apart.

How long does a bottle of ARHGOAT last?

One bottle of 27.5 grams of standard capacity can meet use for about a month, depending on the frequency of use, the extent of hair thinning, and the length of your hair. For the best results, we recommend you purchase the ARHGOAT Hair Building Fibers Kit.

ARHGOAT fibers work for any hair type, ranging from normal coarser hair to very fine hair and everything in between. ARHGOAT fibers are flexible to accommodate any hairstyle such as shaved, short, long, curly, wavy, braided, straight, colored, highlighted, or fine hair.

Absolutely not. Your hair will look completely natural, even from close-ups, outdoors, or under bright light. It adheres perfectly to the hair! Even someone else running their hand through your hair won’t know you’re using ARHGOAT Hair Building Fibers.

ARHGOAT is safe and can be used every day. ARHGOAT Hair Building Fibers are made of Keratin protein - the same thing that makes up human hair. It does not contain any active ingredients that can possibly interact with or irritate the scalp.

Hair Growth Tips
No one will know...except you
Experience the power of natural "Miracle Oil"- ARHGOAT Batana Oil Butter is extracted from the American palm tree in La Moskitia, Honduras. This 100% pure,cold-pressed oil is a popular and effective hair & skin care oil that moisturizes and conditions the scalp, roots, and strands to help hair growth and supports thick, full & healthy-looking hair.
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